Charvet Classic Cars


Car collectors usually collect more than cars. "Automobilia" is the catch-all term used to describe these car-related items, including parts, books and literature, signs and other ephemera. If you have spent a lifetime collecting (or a friend or family member did), and the time has come to part with the collection, CHARVET CLASSIC ESTATES can help.

Unlike conventional estate liquidators who focus on home furnishings, clothing and sundries, we SPECIALIZE in automotive-related estates. You can't expect someone who knows about china and bric-a-brac to be equally knowledgeable about antique automobile parts and ephemera. That's where we come in.

With our wide experience dealing in automotive-specific antiques, parts, literature, signs and ephemera, we are in the best position to maximize the amount you will realize from your collection.

Our services include:

•Evaluation and appraisal of items. Separation of saleable items from clutter.

• Cleaning and preparation of items for sale.

• Online auction sales of select items to a worldwide market.

• Organization and set-up of on-site, multiple-day estate sale.

• Creation of advertising including print and online marketing.

• Management of the actual sale event.

• Handling of funds including credit card processing, with full recap to the estate.

• Clean-up of any remaining items on-site as agreed through sale, donation or disposal.

We provide all labor and materials needed to implement the sale, along with on-site security and a $5,000,000 event liability insurance policy covering the location and the estate.

Contact us to arrange a confidential, no-obligation consultation. References upon request.

Some previous Estate Sales we have managed:

Photos from some of our past sale events: